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Hello everyone, Let me describe my problem:   I have an overview page, that is only retrieving non-persistent objects associated with the main persistent object. Everything is created before the page is shown, and when debugging the flows which are retrieving the data on the page – all the correct objects are there. However, the page still doesn’t show them.    I tried a couple of combinations of refreshing the main object again (doesn’t help), refreshing and committing np object after the retrieve – It did show it on the page but it breaks other processes. I also cleaned the deployment directory and so on...    Anyone that faced a similar issue of having everything as it should be in the backend (when debugging) and not seeing it frontend?    
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Are you creating the objects and then showing the page as part of the same flow, or are you creating them elsewhere then doing a database retrieve to show on the page? If it’s the later, it won’t find the NPEs as the database retrieve as getting a fresh version of the object that won’t have the NPEs associated with it.

If this isn’t the case, can you share the microflow that generates the entities and shows the page so we can see what is going on?


Few things I would check

  1. Is the association set between the dataview object and list objects?
  2. Does the user have read access on the association
  3. Is the list using datasource by association?



The page which is opened doesn’t have dataview, which contains the main object which the list objects are referencing.
I can tell you that, since all sub microflow aren’t returning any object, and thus no relation between whatever you are executing in the microflow and the page you are opening.

The object which is created somewhere in your sub-microflows must be returned as output/end-point, so that it can be used as input for the sub MF which creates the referenced objects and as input for you page.

Your page should start with a dataview, datasource context > Main entity


Are you sure you're associating the NPE's with your main persistent object? And the user has the required viewing rights?



Check the read access for that user role.


What in your shown microflow is not clear is what you do with the persistent object. You should pass that object to all the subs and attach those nonpersistent objects to that persistent object. And you should pass that object to your show page action. Double check in your microflow if you  do that. And otherwise the answer is always security. Your user is not allowed to see those non persistent objects.