Association displaying problems

Hi all, I want to add and remove pallets to a DeliveryNote and display an error, when the pallet is already added (so when the pallet has an association to DeliveryNote). but when I follow this path, the error occurs where it shouldn’t: Add a pallet: → Save → Edit → Remove: → Cancel → Edit → Association should be displayed, but isn’t:  → try to add again:   my remove-microflow looks like this: Any idea, why mendix decides there is an association, although it doesn’t display it in the list view?
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What generates the error message?  Is it a microflow?  If so, how do you retrieve the association to check it?  Keep in mind that your change microflow makes the change in the object in your browser, but doesn’t commit that to the database.  If the process (microflow?) that checks to see if an association is set already retrieves via XPath, it will retrieve the version in the database, where the association is still populated.