Can I use cookie in Mendix?

Can we use cookie in Mendix. If we can please tell me the way. And if we cant if there is any way to store data to the client and use it in other request.
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This module will be of help:


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There are few related forum questions please take a look if its have any useful info. Its always nice to look at the existing forum stuff before raising a question.


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With Mendix you can leverage JavaScript for this type of stuff. You can opt to use the Module René suggests or create your own logic.

Option 1: Use a nanoflow with a custom JavaScript action to set your cookie (for example: using the document,cookie API)

Option 2: Use the HTML/JS widget to run your JavaScript code on a page

Option 3: The Nanoflow Commons module also includes some nice actions that make use of the window.localstorage API