What attribute does the Login Id Text Box refer to?

I’m working on a small project for school, which includes a registration and login page. I’m now running into an issue where when I attempt to create a user I can’t use it to log in and instead get the following error: This led me to assume that I was saving the wrong attributes (the System.User Name & Password) so I tried to figure out with the documentation what else it could be, but sadly I couldn’t find an exact answer. My current approach is to create a new System.User and a regular User from my domain model. The user then fills in a form with all of the information of the regular User and upon saving I use a microflow to change the new System.User Name and Password to match those of the regular user. I now realise that this makes no actual link to the System- and regular user, so I think i may have the wrong idea about how creating a new account and linking that to a user role works. If anyone could point me in the right direction with this it would be much appreciated!
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To implement this approach look at the way this is done in the Adminstration module from the appstore, this should clarify things.

As to not being able to login, are there any error messages in the console of Studio Pro or the logfile. It might be the case that the user does not have any roles assigned and then the message shown above will appear as well. But in this case the console will show the real cause of the user not being able to sign in.


On button click call microflow, in micro flow take commit activity , decision box and than show page activity.

in commit take your data source , use decision if false use validation message.

in your Entity UserId and password attribute must be in registration entity and login entity