How to use annotated heatmap using Mendix Anychart widget

Hi Team, I am trying to plot a heatmap using Mendix Anychart widget available in Marketplace: Following is my Sample data: [   {         "x":["A","B","C","D","E"],         "y":["W","X","Y","Z"],        "z": [           [0,0,1,2.5,0],          [0,0,2,1.5,0],          [3,2,0.75,1,3],          [0,0,0,2.5,0]        ],       "type": "heatmap",     "colorscale": [[0, "#f56e45"], [3, "#001f3f"]]   } ] Could you please help me with how to annotate or label each value in the heatmap for the above sample data
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I've not used heatmeat specifically but this link contains all the options you can use within anychart – there are options for showing text on hover. I did a quick page search for hover.


Perhaps this one?

  • name
    Parent: data[type=heatmap]
    Type: string

    Sets the trace name. The trace name appear as the legend item and on hover.


  • hovertext
    Parent: data[type=heatmap]
    Type: data array

    Same as `text`.