Upgrading Application to new Mendix Studio Version and Team Server

I was looking to upgrade one of my Mendix applications to a newer version of Mendix Studio Pro. I installed the new Mendix Studio version, and when I went to open the application through the Team Server, I noticed that it was going to create a new directory for me in my Mendix folder. Does this mean that there will be two directories for my application, one on the old Studio Pro version, and one on the new one? If I just open my app through the "locally on disk" option, then will that just overwrite the old version of the application with the upgraded one? We are upgrading within version 8, from 8.6.8 to 8.18.13. Thank you!
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If you indeed select your current model it will inform you that it will start an upgrade. This way you can test it first locally before committing to the teamserver.

Otherwise it will indeed download a fresh version from the teamserver and to the upgrade on that. But then you indeed have two directories. Not very practical.