Getting duplicate records for the same employee while importing multiple excel sheets

Hi All, I am importing one excel sheet which contain employee details for one month and another excel sheet for another month in the same entity table. But some of the employee details might change from one month to other month. The issue I am facing is that i am getting duplicate records for the same employee with different data (as the data for that employee changed from one month to other). please refer to the below screenshot for same. But in actual scenario the data should be overwrite for that employee with the new data and show only single record. Could anyone suggest how could we achieve this. Thanks in advance, Apurupa
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In the configuration of the Excel template, you can set how you data is imported.

  1. Import action > Synchronize object
  2. Set key on attribute on Employee name

Hi Apurupa,

How are you importing? Suggest to use “Excel Importer” module, it allows you to configure insert/update.

You can also refer this learning source:


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