How can I generate a custom powerpoint and download it in client?

Simply put, what I need to do is to generate a powerpoint file from scratch (better if possible from a given template, it could make work easier), add some data based on a database object and then download it in client.  What I tried to do is to follow the next resource ( I created a microflow which creates a FileDocument then calles a java action I created which should return me a FileDocument which is the generated PowerPoint and then I should download It.  POI --→   My problem is that in the JavaAction I tried to make use of POI java library for creating powerpoints and the write function takes as a parameter a OutputStream object and what I need to do is to write to a FileDocument from which I could obtain the mendix object which can be downloaded in the client, but this is exactly my “don’t know how”.     And what I wanted to do is something like this, taken from a different JavaAction that generates a excel file
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Below is an example of what you can do after what you already did in your code.


InputStream infile = new FileInputStream(file); //file is the generated file

BufferedInputStream bin = new BufferedInputStream(infile);
Core.storeFileDocumentContent(getContext(), ExcelFileParameter.getMendixObject(), file.getAbsolutePath(), bin);


Note that file in the code is the “MyPresentation.pptx” File object, and ExcelFileParameter is your FileDocument object that you want to download.


My snippet java action code now generating a pptx. Thanks Firas!


Im new to Mendix and have some questions. I am trying to export my data to a .pptx file.

What type of parameter do you use for the Json since you don't do any REST call?

Do I need to import the .jar files somehow or does mendix import them automatically when they are in the userlib folder?