Application Running fine Still throwing error in browser

Hi All ,  I am trying to run this application and it is running fine but when i am clicking on view , it is throwing error like this . Same application was working fine earlier in my system and it is working fine in other team member’s system .  I am trying to run it locally . the link is automaticaaly getting changed from http://localhost:7080/sso/login?f=true to  current one .
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Did you or someone in your team perhaps change the index.html file to enable single sign on? It seems like your are being redirected to a new URL that doesn't work offline (on your local machine). Usually this is done by changing something in the index.html or login.html

Maybe your local direct login file is still available: try to go to http://localhost:7080/login.html directly in your browser instead of index.html. Or you can make a new index2.html/login2.html that has the default login screen for you to test locally.

Are all your colleagues working on the same environment and also are you committing and updating the code?



From what I understand, you have enabled SSO (SAML) module. And probably configured it as well to validate the credentials from the URL

So, when you are trying to open the page, its redirecting to the SSO URL which will validate your credentials and return back to your app.

May be you have configured the SSO with the localhost:7080 as the return back URL (app URL), which should work when you or your team member is running locally. Because the URL in your local computer is localhost:7080.

When you deploy to cloud, the URL is different and your SSO validating URL (or IDP) is not able to return back to localhost:7080 because it does not exist in the server. 

Check your SSO configurations (aka SAML configurations)