Sticky column for widget table

Hi guys, Does anyone know how to make a sticky column in the table in the template grid? Currently, I have successfully made for header using CSS position: sticky; top:0; Unfortunately, I copy the same method to every column in the table, but it did not stick to the column, when I scrolled the page to the right side, the column still follow the scroll bar. You can refer to the image below :
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Not a template grid, but we use the following class to set a sticky header on a datagrid with a fixed height, so we add the “datagrid-sticky-header” to the grid as class :

for copy/paste -->

.datagrid-sticky-header .mx-name-head-row {

    th {

    position: -webkit-sticky !important;

    position: sticky !important;

    top:0 !important;

    background-color: $brand-default;


 .datagrid-sticky-header .mx-grid-content {

    overflow: auto;

    height: 500px !important