How to optimize microflow for multiple entities with same purpose (attach image)

Hey guys, so I have a basic checklist app and each checklist has multiple questions, but each question has to have an image attached to it. I tried to figure out the best way to implement this and I made it work by having separate entities for each question (“Frage” in example picture). Now while adding the pictures I also have to create a separate microflow for each question and I think this could be done in a better way. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance :) Domain model: Microflow for adding image to question while creating checklist:
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Instead of having separate entities for “Frage1” and “Frage2”, how about a single entity “Frage” with a “Name(String)” and “Order(Integer)” attribute? This single entity could have the relationship to image that you show, and then you could reuse a single microflow to attach a picture to any Frage.

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