How to avoid accumulated numbers capturing the last edited column only?

Dear Sir/Madam, Issue: the total score will be refleted only the last number we edited. Example: after key in all the number with value “1”, the accumulated number at column “total score” will be value “7”…. then, suddenly we need to edit the column number two (Impact to Cost Saving) from score 1 to score 3…. the total score will be “4” …. because the system only calculate last column edited and backward.     kindly advise the best way how to solve this issue. Key in score  in column 1 until column 7 by sequence.   After edited column number two only.   Thank you.
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You probably have different on-change microflows/nanoflows for each field now?

You should make 1 on-change microflow/nanoflow, and in that flow you sum all the individual fields (and take care of possible empty value). For instance like this

In your change variable action you write this

if $Parameter/ImpactOnQuality != empty
    then $Sum + $Parameter/ImpactOnQuality
else $Sum

Do this for all the individual attributes in its own action for readabillity, and then place this on-change microflow as an event on each field.

Make sure to place this logic also behind the save button as the last on-change won't trigger if a user goes to save directly.