Users On The Systems Becoming Null

Hi, When developing my new application, I have noticed that if a user role has not got access to the other roles in the user management section (in security), they become null in any reference selector on the system, is there anyway to hide these nulls values without giving that user role access to manage everything? Thanks,     
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You are mixing two important things

The User/Name and the name of a user. These might seem the same but there is a big difference.

The User/Name is the login name of a user. together with the user/password and userrole, this is the passport for the user to authenticate itself and get access to the application. As you might know, this information is as sensitive as your passport, social ID etc. And thus should be kept for yourself and not to be shared with anyone else.

What you want is in the application process a user needs to select someone for a certain step in the process. Therefore I recommend to create an separated entity, capturing all data which is required in the application process. such as full name, email address, employee function etc. this “Person” entity should have a 1-1 reference to the Administration.Account entity. so that this person has a account (passport) but the person data is used in the process. not the Account (passport) data.