How to send email from Mendix?

In my app I have downloaded Email template, Encryption and MxModel reflection  modules in application. Also, I have added new module name as “EmailtemplateCustomizations” , Added one page as well.  Could you please guide me how to proceed and what we have to add in page for sending an email.      
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Hi snehal,

For this you have to download the 

Mx reflection module ,:

email module with template and 

Encryption module from marketplace. 

After that copy the administrator snnipet from emailtemplate and mxObject from reflection module and paste in your module .and add one blank page and drag tab and drop it in page and after that drag this copy item drop in this tab .And copy submicroflow from emailtemplate(SubSendSimpleEmail).And paste in your module and add one parameter in your microflow as string type. and set htmlbody as that new parameter.

also follow the this link:


Plz let me know if you have a get an errors.




Hi Snehal, 


There are several HOW-TO’s available, for example this one. Might this how-to is helpfull.