Selecting a Directory from UI

I have a requirement, where user needs to select a directory. The File Manager component only allows to choose a file, not a directory. Are there any configurations on FileManager to allow for selecting a Directory ? if not, Are there any other components available which can be used ?   Your help is much appreciated.  Thanks,    
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I don’t think there is a setting in file manager which would allow you to select a directory. What you could do instead is:

  • Zip the directory and try to upload this as a file
  • If first option, isn’t suitable I think a widget would be required to be able to a. select a directory and b. loop through the directory to add it to your db. I don’t see any such widget in the marketplace yet.

Maybe other makers have used such a widget which I miss :)

Also, check if this File dropper widget helps in any way for your potential use case:

Hope this helps!