show form data to another page but only one field

Hi Support, Can you also let me know how to print a single form value that I have entered in the previous form on a new one page? Ex: I have a form with some input fields approx 8 fields. I want to print the entered value of 2-3 fields on the next page also. How can I acheive that. Please let me know
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Create an object that contains 8 attributes.

On your first form show that object, so your users can enter the values in this 8 attributes.

When the user clicks ‘Next’, call you second page and pass along the object.

On the second page add a dataview based on that object and only show the fields, that you need to show.


Hi Tim,

Yes, I do the same but I got a complete input field with dropdown. See the red border area in the attachment.

I just wanted to display only the selected value that I select from the dropdown field on the last page instead of complete dropdown fields.

Please let me know.