Data View with Nanoflow Problem

I have a User Overview Page that shows me all users. I also have 3 UserRoles which I am using: Admin (has most rights), Official (has fewer rights than Admin), Member (has least rights). As you can see my second Bearbeiten(Edit)-Button is within a Data View. This Data View is connected to a Nanoflow. My intention with this Nanoflow is to retrieve all the UserRoles of the registered accounts and then Find only the UserRole accounts with the UserRole “Member”. So basically when I am logged into the app as an Admin I am able to see ALL Edit-Buttons. When I am logged in as an Official I can ONLY see the Edit-Buttons of the “Members". And if I am logged in as a Member I can NOT see ANY Edit-Buttons. The problem is: All the Buttons are shown CORRECTLY but if I am logged in as an Official or a Member and I want to go to the User Overview Page I always get an Error message: This error does not appear when I am trying to enter this Page as Admin. I can just click this Error message away whenever I receive it but is there a way to just prevent it from popping up? The first TWO lines are when I enter this Overview Page as an Official. The last FOUR lines are when I enter this Overview Page as a Member.   I have no idea what exactly is wrong here. Maybe someone can help.
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This is because users can only access their own userrole. Thus when returning a role a user isn't allowed to see/use you get these errors. 

I do have a few concerns

1. Why do you use a nanoflow

2. Why do need the userrole, as buttons will be visible or not depending access right on pages, microflows and nanoflows. Thus out of the box available.