Create Chart for Date and X / Y values

Hey guys, so I need to create a chart that displays X / 11 Values as you can see on the first picture on the left (X being a integer variable called AnzahlTrue). The x-axis should be the date (called Datum), whereas there is only one value per date, so no aggregation. The y-axis should be maxed at 11 for every bar and the bar should fill upto the x amount which is 0-11. Currently the max y value is the highest integer value 6 (as shown in picture). Another problem is that the date is not shown correctly. Do you know how I can fix these issues? Thanks in advance
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You can set the range by enabled Advanced mode and adding this to your layout options:

  "yaxis": {
    "range": [

Not sure why your dates are displayed like that, but you can add some manual configuration to the displaying of dates perhaps, again in the Layout options:

  "xaxis": {
    "tickformat": "%d-%m-%y"


You can refer to the plotly documentation for more information.