Merge different word , excel pdfs into one pdf.

Hi Guys, I am working on one use case where user will upload multiple files in different format whether it is excel , word document, or PDFs. As an Output I have to create one pdf which contains header and footer and also merge all types of documents uploaded by the user into that one PDF. I also seen community common's Merge PDF action but its only helpful when we have pdf only to merge not all format file. Has anyone gone through such Usecase?  Any suggestion would be helpful. Also open for discussion. Thanks, Bhanu
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AFAIK there is no module available from the marketplace that will provide this function, but PDFTron (see: seems to have a java sdk that can provide this functionality. They have a solution on Mendix as well (pdf viewer and editor).

With the SDK and some java code you should be able to create a function that will allow you to implement the features you are asking for. It is a licensed sdk though and there might be other solutions if you Google for this.