Visibility based on HasContet

Hello eveyone   I have two buttons with a visibility on each one based on HasContent attribute (True or False) But when I upload the file it does not refresh to make the has content true I noticed that when I close the popup it appears before close so I think it has something to do with refreshing after uploading the file Is there anything I can do ?
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The default file uploader won’t help you there. Because there are no events and hence it would be difficult to refresh the context object.

I am not clear about your use case, but may be you can use just one button and then separate the logic in that microflow by using HasContents in a split.


You can use the FileDropper widget.

Hope this helps.


Hi Khalil,

I assume you are using the file manager widget?

Since there is no on click/change event on this widget, you can upload the file in a pop-up page.

When the user then uploads the file and clicks save you can make the save button call a microflow which changes te hasContent boolean to true.

Hope this helps!