Why doesnt the toggling of the check box change the boolean attribute of my entity?

I have a checkbox on a dialog, somewhere doesn’t matter where like in the picture below: This has a datasource the following boolean attribute:   For all possible user roles I have set the access rules to both read and write:    but for some reason, after succesfully building the project, the attribute of that particular object doesn’t change from false to true, and I don’t understand why.
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And one obvious one: did you really commit the object. If I show a dataview where you can toggle this boolean and I navigate away the change is not stored unless you had an on change action that commits that object.

If you have a regular save on the object you could change this to a custom save microflow so you can debug what the values are. And indeed do not forget to check your console for security problems as reason why the object is not changed.





The only possible reasons that I can think of are:

  1. Maybe the object you're trying to modify is always created rather than retrieving from the database – take for instance retrieving via microflow which is setup incorrectly. You should check if the object you check the value for and the object you set the value for are both same.
  2. Debugging the app should help you identify where the issue is as you mentioned that all the security is already in place.


If this does not help, can you share additional details about how you're saving/creating or trying to modify the object?