Aggregate / Sum on a column + Data Grid

Hi Support, I want to get a sum/aggregate of a column which is showing the data from the database.  Now we have added a Datagrid and use Xpath as a data source and are able to get the sum function but I am facing an issue as it shows a blank row. So I want to show the sum value inside the Total list price column. See the screenshot attached.
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If the question is about styling, you could use “Align Self” in the appearance and set it to right for the container.

Otherwise I did not understand your question yet.

And I have a question with the approach you follow:

- you mentioned you are using datagrid, where number of rows is fixed 

- so, additional records will be shown in the next page

- And technically you will never be able to determine how many records are returned.

- So, how does usage of datagrid is sufficient here? And the total sum what does it actually refer too. Is it for the page or is for all the records shown in the paginated data grid?