Native iOS app generate issue.

I am working native app development using Mendix. When I started local server, it is working fine on web. And for Android I faced some issues, but at the end I found Make It Native 9 app on playstore which is able to run the local development app on my Android Device. Issue1: I am not able to run the iOS native app directly using that windows system by qr scanning on Make It Native 9 on iOS device. Is this an issue that only I am facing? Issue2. I build the native app source and run it on mac system where I have to change the pod file to run it correctly. Is this is regular issue or only I am facing this issue? Issue2 Details: I have faced issue with changing permission file names by adding “.podspec”. I have to change the iOS version to 11 in the auto generated podfile. If Issue2 is an actual issue then regarding no-code and low-code it is not expected to do such task by a citizen developer for which Mendix. this should be resolved.  
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Consider building using AppCenter to make your life much easier.

I don't encounter the issues you have when I build locally though.

Definitely no need to change podspecs.

Just update the signing details in XCode after first build or after a native template update and that's it.

Have a look here: