File scanning during file uploading using file dropper

the challenge for scanning the document having the embedded inappropriate file in it.   I have one example, so when i upload a resume using File dropper it should check whether this is not having the other Word doc, excel or .exe in it.   i am able to upload the word doc but restrict the excel so if someone embed excel in MS word doc file it should restrict.   How can i build on Accept Microflow?
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Hi Sunil,

I don’t think there is anything out of the box available for the feature you describe.

What you can do though is write your custom java action to read a word doc to identify if an excel is embedded. 

Hope this helps!


HI Sunil,

Is the reason for this functionality so you can block unwanted/potentially harmful files being uploaded? If so, we have a virus scan module available that may assist you with this.