How to attach multiple images using image uploader ?

Hello, I have created one image entity and the entity has generalized with System.Image. So I used image uploader widget but using that I can upload only one image at a time.If I select another image the first one has gone. I want to select multiple images at a time and upload. So how to do that ?
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Hi Madhura,


You can use File dropper widget . Make sure you have one to many relationship. If only one generalized entity can handle only one image.

Create an one entity give relation between  them as one to many to load multiple images.

refer the documentation of File Dropper for more information.

Hope this helps!


HI Madhura , 

Please find the below image and set your associations like this 

Create association below like this

1 CPIP[ Your main object ] --- * Multiple Doc Container  [ Support object ] and 1 Doc Container –  * Multiple Document [image object] .


In this you can able to add multiple images