Best practice for splitting a domain model in two parts?

We have a large domain model, and a number of pages and microflow based on it.  The domain model has two parts, and later we want to have the possibility to have several alternatives for the one part, while the second part stays the same. As a first step, I want to split the domain model into two parts.  I guess I need to create a new module, and place on part into the domain model of the new module.  Then I need to move some of the pages and microflows to the new module. So in all the pages and microflows, I need to update the names of the entities and microflows which belong to the new module. My question is: Is there a way to avoid manual update of all the entity-references?  Or is there another approa
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Hi Monika,

Mendix does a lot of this work for you. Pages and microflows are automatically renamed as you move or rename things. For domain models, you can do this by right clicking an entity and selecting the new module under the Move submenu.