Chart Widget Wrong Date and Color Format, Range Options

Hey guys, so I have an app that has a daily checklist feature where a user can put in a rating and I want to display these ratings over time in a bar chart. Now I have already implemented the chart by adding stacked static series to the widget and putting the x-axis as the date attribute of the entity and the y-axis as the number of fulfilled criterias for that day (categorized in three separate ones). Now I have three problems. First the date is shown wrong for some reasons as you can see in the screenshot below, optimally I would like it to be in format. I tried the layout options from the plotly documentation, but I don’t think thats the issue here. The next thing is, that I would like the chart to have a dynamic range filter, so the user can display the chart for a given amount of time (for example 30 bars from 01.01 to 01.02). Is there a way to implement this? Lastly the colors on the bars are not the ones I want, I tried changing the column color (as shown in screenshot) but it made no difference. The app has a standard company color format, I think that is overwriting the colors I am setting. How could I fix this?  
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