Error: Please re-select allowed roles

I created a module:    Added 2 roles : User and Administrator Selected the microflow access. Also one thing I notice is that only one of my 2 microflows are appearing. The microflow that is not appearing is using microflows from other modules. (Is this the problem?) Configured project security module roles for all my user roles to have access to this module.   I am a bit confused why I get this error:   
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Hi Marcian,

There should not be a problem when a microflow uses other microflows belonging to different modules.

Regarding the error that you’re receiving, you could open the microflow → right click → open properties → open allowed roles property → just check and uncheck the roles and that should work.

This error generally happens when we copy a microflow from other module which had different roles (can be of same name). Although I’m not sure if you copied in this instance or created yourself from scratch.

But hope this helps!