Time Series Range for Bar Chart

Hey guys, so I have a date based stacked bar chart (column chart widget) and would like it to look like to have a time range option like in the time series widget. Also currently the date in my bar chart is displayed wrong for some reason (1.6424T), while it shows perfectly fine on the time series widget, do you know why that could be? EDIT: I just found the range selector layout option from the plotly reference, now I have the range option at the bottom, but the step buttons don’t show like in the time series widget (e.g. below). I used the exact same layout script for both charts. I think it is because it does not recognize the x-axis as a date value.
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Hi Furkan,

To show the correct date/time values in a chart that is not of type timeseries, use this configuration JSON (put this into the JSON configuration field). You can change these configurations according to your locale

More info on this:


https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/charts-advanced-cheat-sheet (chapter 4)

	"locale": "en",
	"locales": {
		"en": {
			"format": {
				"date": "%Y-%m-%d",
				"datetime": "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M",
				"year": "%Y",
				"month": "%b %Y",
				"dayMonth": "%d %b",
				"dayMonthYear": "%a %d %b"