How to assign object to a list

I have created a list of entity type ‘Questions’ In a foreach loop I need create an Questions object and assign it to a list How can I do this
2 answers
  1. Use a microflow action to create a list of the correct entity type (Question)
  2. Add a loop that loops over whichever other entity you need to loop over
  3. Add a create object action in the loop
  4. Add a “change list” action in the loop and add the new question you just created
  5. Don't forget to commit after the loop, not inside the loop (if you need to commit them at all). You can use your newly created list to commit all your new questions.

If you want to set the list as a source for listview, I would suggest make the list as the return object on your microflow, then bring up a List View and and use a microflow as the data source.