Error adding images to Mendixstudio pro 9.9.2.

I am building a project in which in want to incorporate images. After following the instructions to do this, it does not seem to work. After downloading the image and beginning the process to add the images to the image collection, the tab with the downloads in it, freezes and Mendix studio pro 9,9.2. crashes/forcecloses itself. I have tried to add images multiple times but every time mendix pro crashes as a result. I have to say that the computer that I am using is older and a bit slow at times, so this could be part of the problem, but it runs the rest of mendix pro duties without any problems. Does anyone have a suggestion to a solve this problem?
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Hi Job,

I have not encountered this problem yet but a good start would be to try the same thing in the latest official ‘stable’ version. Which is 9.6.8 at the moment. Does the problem also occur there?

Besides that, you can also create a Mendix ticket for more information on this –>