phone web templates import

I’ve finished the course ‘Become a rapid developer’ I used the responsive browser version, but now i want to do the same for ‘phone browser’ I can’t find any templates for the phone app. I did find some mobile features. But it is not possible to import those features because Mendix says it’s a module application. The question? How can I use phone templates to make live a but easier?
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If you are looking for the phone/tablet browser app (not native mobile), then I think this may help you.

When you go to create a new project, you have sample applications to start with.

Also if you want to explore native mobile apps, then there are other examples too. And a lot of content available online on Mendix youtube channel, Mendix academy and demo apps for mobile. 

Your responsive web apps work on phone if created correctly to adapt phone/tablet browser. In that case, you just add a phone profile in navigation.