How to use atrributes in Non-Persistent Entities

I have 2 questions I want to set “IsShowAddResponses” boolean attribute in NPE to true , How can I do this ? I need to use this NPE’s attributes value in other page, How can I fetch this value ?  
2 answers

Hi Mohammed,

You can connect your NPE and session to build a 1-to-many relationship. Then you can retrieve the association of session and NPE entity in microflow. You can obtain the object you have created, change it and use it anywhere.

In the setting of association, it can be set to destroy the NPE once the session expires.


​​​​​Hi Mohammed,

  1. You can use it like any other object, but it is not saved in the database. So as soon as the object is not in memory anymore, it will get deleted and be unusable. If you doubleclick on the attribute in you domain model you can set a default value to set it to true. If you want to change it in the logic, you can retrieve it from the responses (maybe a 1-1 association is easier here) and then use the change action in your microflow. 
  2. Same answer you will need to pass the responses to this page and then retrieve the response logic. However you can only do this as long as responses stay in memory and are associated with the logic, because the NPE will be deleted when not in the memory. To avoid this you can use a persistent helper entity.
  3. Hope this helps!