about using custom stytle class

acoording to the documentation, I do as following steps: add two custom sytle in custom-variables.sccs file  $company-header-text-size: 30px; $company-header-text-color: blue; create a company-header.scss file, and edit in it, add a class, .company-header{     font-size: $company-header-text-size;     color: $company-header-text-color; } edit in main.scss file, import the above file, @import "custom-variables"; @import "company-header"; use the class in page,  but it does not work, where is the problem? thanks.
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Why create the file company-header.scss file?

I would

  1. add Custom UI module to my project
  2. Mark this as UI resources module
  3. Add my custom class to
    1. Styling
    2. Web
    3. main.scss


Best thing here: it can be done directly in Studio pro as you are using 9.9


Problem here is that you need to enter ‘company-header’ in field ‘Class’ instead of in ‘Dynamic classes’: