How to upload multiple files in a registration form .

Hi All This is Sunitha, I want to upload multiple files present I uploaded only one file it is not allowing me to upload multiple files. In the Domain model, I gave one-to-one association to employee and file entities. Actually, it is one too many(one employee has multiple files). But it is not allowing me to put it like this.   Could you please help me to upload multiple files.
2 answers
  1. Give 1-many association, 1 employee object associated with multiple files.
  2. Place a button in a page which can trigger a microflow.
  3. Employee object as parameter, place a create file object activity.add employee-file association and set employee object as value.
  4. Place a show page activity, where you can upload a file.
  5. Place a list view from the database over the particular association.

It won’t be possible to achieve using the out of the box file uploader as it only supports one file at a time.

Instead you can use the File dropper widget from app store, which lets you upload multiple files.