Not able to use checkbox feature in datagrid2 with help of Atlas3Extras

Hi everyone,  as per the widget Atlas3Extras, it allows radiobuttons or checkbox facility for each row elements. But I am not able to use it in a correct way. Below are the steps which I’ve followed: -->Call the ‘selectioncheckbox’ class in datagrid2 -->No on select checkbox facility is available for action, dont know how to proceed furtherto set action on select. -->Not even able to check on check box that got visible, it just shows processing symbol when clicked on Edit: Not even able to get click on this checkbox. Please guide for further proceedings. Thanks in advance. Kirti
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Ah, datagrid2. The selection-checkboxes and radiobutton-classes only work on the older Datagrid, not on DataGrid2. As DataGrid2 has different classes and functions, and even no multi-select at all (yet, hopefully Mendix will make this soon).