How to trigger the mail for the set date

Hello everyone, I have set 3 reminders for one application like for 1st reminder: 30/06/2022, 2nd reminder : 20/05/2022 and 3rd reminder: 10/04/2022. So system should check these reminder dates daily and send mail on those particular dates like on 30/06/2022 it should send 1st reminder mail, on 20/05/2022 it should send 2nd reminder mail and on 10/04/2022 it should send 3rd reminder.. how could this be done Could anyone please suggest on this. Thanks Apurupa
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Hi Apurupa,

I would use a scheduled event for this situation. Create a new scheduled event that will run daily and kick of a microflow that will retrieve all the enitities with a reminder date today and then use the email module to send out a reminder email. In this case first retrieve the entities where first reminder = today, send the mail, then retrieve second reminder = today and send those mails. Does this answer your question or is there something more specific I can help with?