Need to set the Attribute value to Empty or blank in Native APP

Hi guys, I am facing one issue in Native Mobile APP in which I am taking value from textbox(from user either writing value in textbox manually or its getting added via scanner) for one attribute and its getting commited in entity. The textbox is on separate page for scanning purpose. Depending on need a user can open the page and everytime user opens the page the value present in textbox should get cleared or empty. But currently the value is not getting cleared. Manually user has to clear it by backspace. If via nanoflow I am writing value as empty to attribute am getting error as  “Cannot set empty value because it is read only” Please guide.  
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Hi snehal!

Which entity are you using?  Because the error is due to security reasons. Can you check if you have permissions to write that attribute on your entity access tab. It is inside the security of the module.


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Hey Snehal!

I have done some tests just to check if the nanoflow causes some problems and everything works fine, the nanoflow cleans the field when I enter in the page. 

Can you turn off the security of the application and test if the application works as you want? That will give us some clues of what is causing this issue