Reset option for check box

Hello everyone, Can anyone suggest how can we add the rest button for for check box in list view.   once the user select one check box option , there should be a feasibility to reset that checkbox.. how can we do that anyone p
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Hi Apurupa,

I didn’t exactly understand what you are asking for, but I think you want to reset the checkbox set selector to its original values.

If that’s what you want, you can add a microflow action button on the page which accepts the input parameter which is associated with your checkbox set selector.


In the below example, you can see that the user account “Umesh Sukheja” is associated with user roles “Administrator” and “Employee” in database. 

If I change it (without committing) and then press the “Reset checkboxes” button, it will reset checkboxes to their original values from the database i.e. “Administrator” and “Employee”. 



The logic behind the “Reset checkboxes”:


  1. We are retrieving the UserRole object by association with input parameter “Account”, which will give the new and uncommitted values from the session. (B2BUser, B2CUser and Client)
  1. We are retrieving the UserRole object by database with input parameter “Account”, which will give the old/original and committed values from the database. (Administrator and Employee)



  1. We are changing the Account object and associating it with the old/original and committed values from the database. (Administrator and Employee).

It will overwrite the association of Account with Userrole (B2BUser, B2CUser and Client)



I hope, it answers your question, if not let me know and if yes please don’t forget to mark it as “Accepted answer”. :-)