Path too long (not on OneDrive)

Hi all, After creating a training app on Mendix Studio, it crashes when running it in Mendix Studio Pro. The app is stored in C:\Users\EXM152\Documents\Mendix\Pascal_BlankTemplate-main. Note: when I create a symbolic link C:\Mendix to C:\Users\EXM152\Documents\Mendix, it works, so it is a matter of a few characters (so it is fragile). A guilty file is C:\Users\EXM152\Documents\Mendix\Pascal_BlankTemplate-main\deployment\native\widgets\node_modules\react-native-star-rating\node_modules\react-native-vector-icons\RNVectorIcons.xcodeproj\project.xcwor kspace\xcuserdata\joel.xcuserdatad/ The Mendix version is 9.10.0 which is not in the dropdown below. Regards, Pascal
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