Cant add breakpoints to Microflows because they dont exist

I’m trying to add breakpoints to my microflow, but there is an error when trying to enable or add it: Error applying breakpoint: Microflow object with object id '309a7896-4f9f-4711-a909-e56c0203b57d' not found in microflow '<Microflow_Name>'. Along with a message telling me that I can’t add the breakpoint while the project is running. If I stop the project (I’m running locally), then enable/add the breakpoint, it is successfully added but does not trigger when the flow is run.  This applies to ALL microflows I create now. Microflows objects I have already created can have breakpoints added and function fine, but new Microflows refuse to allow breakpoints to be enabled. If I create a new Microflow, I get a slightly different message when trying to add a breakpoint: Error message: Unknown microflow '<Microflow_Name>'. What gives? Edit: This happens even after redeploying the project. Using Studio Pro 9.11, but this occurred in 9.10 as well.
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For anyone seeing this later – this is expected behavior. The operation that “doesn’t exist” is a retrieve activity followed immediately by an aggregate action. Studio Pro optimizes the database retrieval to simply count the items without retrieving them, and the retrieve action is removed when deployed.


This is because new microflows and actions aren't part of the running app. Untill you redeploy