How to do custom filtering of DataGrid

Hi, I am very new to Mendix. And I am trying to do a filtering of data to be displayed in Data Grid. I do not want to use the standard filtering that comes with DataGrid. I want to do something like the user will key in the name that they want to filter followed by clicking the filter button. I have created a Microflow to retrieve the list of stadium records when the user click the filter button and return a list to be consumed by the Data Grid, I manage to see the record being returned but it is not able to be refresh in the Data Grid. How can I display it to Data Grid? Anyone can help? I attach some picture below of what I have been trying.    Actual Page   Page   Microflow   Domain Model
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Hello Yudi Gemi Sutanto Tjong,

The data returned by micro flow should be passed to Datagrid via data source microflow, you have to make sure your data view refreshes after getting search results so apply commit and refresh in client for top level object which contains the data grid.

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Manikandan S



I managed to solve it, the Domain Model has to add association and place, Microflow has to do Change Object and place the Data Grid inside the DataView. Below is the modification I made to initial method.


Ensure change the Data Grid source to Association.