Connect entities now connected entities not working, greyed out

I connected my two entities to my main one via associations in 1-1 format, created a page with the main data view being the main entity and two more data views nested inside(the other two entitities). My app however greyed out all the data, no input data is being saved looks uneditable even though in properties it’s set to editable…   Example(from preview):      
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Hey there Gal, 

Without knowing all the details, 2 things come to mind:

  1. Have you created the 2 child records? In order to modify an attribute value, you first need a record to do so. I’m assuming you have some microflow being called to open the page and you’re creating/instantiating the parent object. You also need to do this for any child you’re trying to manipulate. 
  2. Check your security. The user role may not have permission to edit these attributes. 


Could very well be something else, but given the information you provided, the above comes to mind. 

Let us know if that helps. 


********************* Updated on 16 Mar 22  below ************************

Including a screen shot to show how to set an association between to objects. See below






Check your entity access and ensure that the user role has write access on all the appropriate attributes on each entity.


@Micah McMullen

Thank you, yes in my app in the data views there are save buttons and before they were all set to save changes but now I have them set to call a microflow such as this:

It is still not saving/showing on my popup so please if you could tell me what is wrong with my microflow(I modified it based on the SLA Task app from the academy