Which compoment uses which JAR from the userlib

Hi, is it possible to identify, which Mendix-component uses a specific JAR-file from the userlib-folder? I have identified some vulnerable JARs with ACR and would like to let the developers of this modules know. Thanks!
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Hi Tjark,

as far as I know that’s not possible.

Anyhow as a good workaround you could create a blank app and install all modules of your original app one after the other and constantly observe the userlib folder so that you know which JAR-Files got added for each module.

I think Mendix recommends that for new applications as best practice as well!


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Not exactly the answer to your question but if you are looking for ways to clean up the userlib, I’ve created a tool: https://github.com/cinaq/mendix-userlib-cleaner


it’s far from perfect so it still requires your own judgement.