How to disable past days in calendar widget

Hello everyone, Is there any possiblity to disable past days in calendar widget.?.. My requirement is that there will be a field called ‘End Date’ and the user should not select the past dates as end date, he should be selecting either current date or coming dates in calendar widget.. is this possible?
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Hi Apurupa Konathala,

You can use the widget



Hello Apurupa,

There is no way to disable past dates in the Calendar widget. You can look for a widget in the Appstore that has that possibility.

However you can use Validation to stop user from proceeding until the field is valid. In the default widget propertie in Validation, select Date in Future or add custom Validation as :

$value != empty and $value >= [%CurrentDateTime%]

Or you can also call a microflow onclick of Save button and check for this validation in the decision box before committing.