Error Encounter for Native Mobile with Chat App - (Could temporarily not synchronize data. Please try again later.)

When i wanted to run the “Chat-App”, which i get the app from LiveBuild. Source: Download the project files: When i try to run the app, with Native Mobile, I ran into the error “Could temporarily not synchronize data. Please try again later.” (as shown in the image below) Could temporarily not synchronize data. Please try again later. construct@[native code] _construct@ Wrapper@ construct@[native code] _createSuperInternal@ SynchronizationError@ download$@ tryCatch@ May i know anyone who have tried using the Chat-App, and able to successfully using the Native Mobile? 
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I haven't downloaded this project but from my experience, this error could occur at two moments

- Trying to synchronize (push) uncommitted objects from your local device db ( > Usually I clean cache/app data to clean local DB and do a clean pull sync from the server (this is not your use case I guess because you are trying to get it running)

- Trying to synchronize file documents (pull) that are referenced by objects which are synced, but are not available on the server. Like a profile image belonging to an account object. If the project contains a data snapshot, this might be the case. Only data is available and not any file documents. > Try to go into Project > Navigation > Native sync profile > Search for a filedocument entity and set download to Nothing.



Alright after i changed set download to “Nothing (preserve data)”, and close & start the Make It Native 8 app and retry again. It  able to run properly.

Much Thanks 👍