Studio Pro stopped showing errors.

I have been working on a semi-simple app trying to get up to speed with Mindex ins and outs when suddenly – tonight – errors stopped showing up in the error list. I had made a bunch – I mean a bunch(!) – of simple changes including changing the schema intending upon relying upon the error list to quickly jump to where further changes need to be made. No can do. Ooopppsss! Now I am driving myself crazy trying to find what further changes need to be made. The last few are eluding me. Can you help me to get the errors to show up in the error list again?   I am using version 9.10.1.   Cheers!!
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I found the problem. I must have accidentally clicked on “Limit to current tab”. This is easily done since my mouse is so sensitive. I suppose I should adjust it. Periodically, I do something confusing I do not intend.