Problem changing the role of the current user

Hi everyone! I found an issue in my implementation and I would like to know what is causing this problem. The flow of the app is like this: First, there is a page with a button and when a user clicks on it a microflow is called. This microflow changes the role of the current user then it shows a page. In this new page there are some buttons that are hidden for the inital role but the user reach that page through the microflow so the role cannot be the inital one. The problem is when the user is on that page. The buttons are initially hidden but the role of the user is correct. However, If I refresh the page after a while the buttons suddenly appear.   If you could give me some clues or solutions about this I’ll really appreciate it. Thanks in advance  
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Hi Emilio,

The userrole is used to show/hide specific elements on a page. Certain things are done on page load, and are not done again when you browse through the application. As far as I know, changing a userrole requires a browser refresh to fully process all the changes to the userrole.

You can call location.reload(); from a JavaScript action in a nanoflow to do so.