Cocoapods for installing pods in native app iOS project

Has anyone been able to install/link external dependencies in iOS project of native app’s build. The native template project generated on Github has ios folder which has a podfile specifying the pods to install just like the package.json of node packages. I am using Windows so I had setup ruby and cocoapods gem. After that running pod setup, pod install commands in the project directory is giving errors. There is some issue with the cocoapods repository cdn. “CDN: trunk URL couldn't be downloaded:” I have tried deleting the repos, manually downloading specs master repo and the trunk repo. After a lot of tries, I am still unable to make it work. Different errors keep appearing after each other. Is there any other easy way to link react native libraries in a native app. It works correctly in Make it Native app but after installing in iPhone, its not working and giving error about the library “Native module cannot be null” I am using the “react-native-ble-plx” library. 
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