Hide form elements until File Manager upload

Hello,   In the picture above there is a form where I want to show the 4 input elements under "File” (File Manager widget) only if I uploaded a file from  my device's system. I tried placing all those 4 inputs into a container and edited the visibility section of that container such that my elements would appear in the following cases. I tried using the size, the name, or the property hasContents of the System.FileDocument but none of them seems to work.   Thanks, Marcian.
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Issue is that by uploading the image, the object isn't refreshed. And thus the client wont act.

If you would have a pop-up page with the file uploader you can close the popup after upload and refresh the context object. Or a button next to the image uploader which calls a nanoflow. This nanoflow can refresh the context object. I agree its not the most convenient solution. Would like to have an on change option on the image uploader widget..